Monday, November 27, 2017

Self Healing Fabric with OCUM & WFA

Who doesn't love the concept of a self-healing system.  But what is self-healing ?  How can it be accomplished.  And can I make it fit my needs ?

In this "cookbook"-tutorial, you can find at least 1 method how it can be done.  But once you know the concept, the possibilities are nearly endless.

This idea is originally from Yaron Regev, so all creds go to him :).

Below the youtube link.  It starts with the concepts first, you can fast-forward to the demo's which are pretty cool (as a concept at least).

You can also download this zip
It contains the 2 sample scripts, a backup of my WFA & my lab creation script, in case you would like to simulate it yourself.

Preparations to simulate this tutorial :

- Install WFA 4.1
- Restore the backup
- Install the Cdot pack 1.3.2
- Change the datasource to your OCUM
- Change the credentials for your clusters
- Create a database-report user in your OCUM
- Change the lab-script to fit your needs.
- My labscript has a dependency to my logger module, which you can find here.
- My labscript has a dependency to the manageability SDK, which you can download from the support-site.  It's needed to refresh OCUM from powershell.
- My labscript copies some larger files to my scenario volume to it make it grow from 70% to 90%.  You'll have to find your own sample files to play with.  Just some images or installer files will do fine.

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