Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tutorial : Resize a volume, the proper way

After we created our first workflow, we will now create a workflow that will resize a volume.  Simple you might say, but we will check first if the actual aggregate can sustain the growth whilst still being under a comfortable threshold (85%).  If the aggregate cannot sustain the growth, we will find a better aggregate, move the volume and then resize it.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this very good example of checking resources before running a command. I am trying to create a workflow to resize multiple volumes selected by user based on multi-select query, Is there anyway we can input newsize for each volume with repeat rows?


    1. First make your workflow with a table. A table allows you to manually create new rows (volume-name,newsize).
      I know, that's a bit unhandy and error-prone.
      So, i would then create a 2nd workflow that would :
      - Use a multiquery select to select the volumes you want resized
      - Create a custom command that will create an excel file and potentially e-mail it, giving instructions to complete the excel with new sizes and on what network drive the file must be copied.
      - Create a waiting command that keeps looking for the file and tries to open it. When the file is correctly completed, then call your other workflow (with the table-input) through rest-api.

      If I find the time today, I'll see if I can create a blogpost on this.

  2. Thanks for your reply, can you please share some more information on custom command for excel file creation and emailing it, We want to use HP Operations Orchestration in the front end for this workflow.