Friday, March 31, 2017

Convert an excelfile to json with PowerShell

In my blog I've been showing you how easily you can import excel files.
Of course, not everyone works with PowerShell.  Some might rather work with a language where excel is less easy or JSON would be a better fit.  And everyone probably has a windows machine running somewhere, right ? Well, with this script, you can convert your "simple" excel files to JSON. Once you have your JSON-file, the sky should be the limit. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

WFA Workflow to check iSCSI setup

For a customer I had to create this workflow to check/create the iSCSI setup between a host and a vserver.  This workflow does some excessive testing on both the host & vserver side and will re-mediate if needed.

Download the dar

WFA Command to check and remediate iscsi connections

During my workflow creation to check and re-mediate an iSCSI environment and had to create a final WFA command that would create/re-mediate the actual iSCSI connections.

WFA Command to install or uninstall a windows feature on a remote computer

In order to double check an iSCSI environment, one part was to make sure the Multipath-IO feature was installed.  With this command, you can install or uninstall a windows feature on a remote computer.

Download dar file

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WFA Command to check vserver iscsi

For a customer I'm currently writing a pretty advanced workflow to double check the entire iscsi environment.  One part is check if the vserver is running ISCSI and if it has enough iSCSI ip addresses.  I'm also checking the iscsi ip's against a network address.

WFA Command to check ip addresses on a windows host

For a customer I'm currently writing a pretty advanced workflow to double check the entire iscsi environment.  One part is check if the windows host has enough iSCSI ip addresses.  In case of vmware that would be 1, in case of a physical machine that would be 2.

So parameters are :
- computername
- remote credentials
- network address
- network mask

Monday, March 27, 2017

WFA Command to install snapdrive (windows) on a remote computer

I had a request from a customer to prep & check the iscsi connections on remote windows hosts.  The first part is checking if snapdrive (SDW) is installed.  While I was at it, it thought I'd quickly write a command to remotely install snapdrive.  Boy was I wrong when I though quickly.  First there was the challenge of figuring out the snapdrive silent install.  When I figured out that part I bumped wall after wall to get this working.  But... I did get it working.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

WFA command to set windows service (start, stop, restart)

To make sure iscsi is running fine on a windows machine, i had to check if the service was started.  I've made this command more general.  You can now start, stop or restart a windows service, whether localhost or remote computer.  Credentials are NOT the wfa credentials, but you can get them from the WFA credential store.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to create a new KeePass entry with powershell and/or wfa

For a customer this week, I had to create a WFA command (PowerShell) that was able to generate a new password and then store it into KeePass.  This command is assuming that we use a "MasterKey" (=password).  You can also work with a key file, windows user and combination of those.  But this command is just with a MasterKey.  Adoption to work with the keyfile is minimal.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Parse a html page

A colleague of mine had to give a demo about logfile analyses and asked for my help in parsing an html page.  The html page shows data about the Belgian Air Polution (  He wanted a script that would create a log file of this data.  Nothing fancy, just some regex manipulations, some looping and your all set.