Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Manage DFS from WFA (W2012+)

I already created a post for managing DFS, but that was for W2008 servers, where it still has to be done with dfsutil.exe.
Since 2012 there is better way.
DFS or Distributed File System, is often used in enterprise environments to virtualize your CIFS tree structure.  If you are automating storage, and if so, CIFS, you might also take it a little further and update your DFS.  This powershell code allows you to add/create, remove & offline/online your dfs links and target shares and get the targets of dfs link.

Debug WFA in your Powershell editor

I use this script all the time, when I'm debugging new wfa commands in powershell.

This script is run on the wfa server (my laptop in my case).  It loads the WFA libraries and adds the default functions
- Get-WfaLogger
- Get-WfaCredentials
- Connect-WfaCluster
- Connect-WfaController
- Set-WfaCommandProgress

WFA Command - advanced logging

I created a powershell module once (somewhere in this blog) that allows you to do some powerfull logging.  I always planned on showing you how it's done as a WFA command.

For my NetApp Insight sessions, I had to create such a command, and I'm already posting it here.

Logging on 3 levels :
- Database
- Logfile
- Eventviewer