Thursday, September 7, 2017

WFA Docs generator 2.0

A new WFA Doc generator with most features you'll want :

  • No need for installing Word
  • Creates documents for :
    • Workflows
    • Commands
    • Scheme's, dictionaries & datasources
  • Exports Dar files (optionally)

This whole new package contains

  • a datasource to import WFA data like categories, workflows, datasource.  This make it possible to visually select a workflow.
  • a setup workflow to install the template a PSWord (and PSExcel) powershell modules
  • a workflow to generate the documentation

Steps to install

  • run the setup workflow (see category Documentation)
  • add a datasource to import the WFA information
  • run the document workflow

Note : don't try to document EVERYTHING at the same time, the workflow (at least on my laptop) never finished validating.  

Note 2 : I've tested intensively, even found a few new WFA bugs along the way.  Let me know if you have issues and if you want extra's

Make your own template

You can make your own template.  The template must contain these styles :
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Console (for powershell and sql queries)
Following variables are getting replaced


Tables use this style : Light List - Accent 5


  1. Hi Mirko
    Your Data Source Type expects Wfa installed on Drive C:\ but in our Enviornment WFA installed on Drve D:\. I'm not allowed to edit or delete your Data Source Type. Any idea how I can fix this

  2. Hi Rolf, sorry for the slow reply.
    I don't really reference c:\. I do have a flag "test interactive", which will load the profile.ps1 in that case, but that's only for testing purposes. And even so, you can just clone my datasource, modify and save as a new.

    I do reference c:\temp in my setup workflow and my documentation workflow. That's because i need to save the word-template somewhere. In both cases, just clone the workflow and adjust c:\temp with whatever works for you. Let me know I you need more help.