Monday, November 27, 2017

Self Healing Fabric with OCUM & WFA

Who doesn't love the concept of a self-healing system.  But what is self-healing ?  How can it be accomplished.  And can I make it fit my needs ?

In this "cookbook"-tutorial, you can find at least 1 method how it can be done.  But once you know the concept, the possibilities are nearly endless.

This idea is originally from Yaron Regev, so all creds go to him :).

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Securely store credentials with powershell

I you have ever written PowerShell, you probably encountered the challenge that you need to store credentials for your script.  While debugging you probably hard code your credentials in your script, but once you have the script in production (manually or scheduled), you probably don't want them in the script in clear text.

This piece of code is pretty old but still does the trick.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to create advanced workflows

Hi there,

so you like WFA and you want to learn more ?  Then chances are this tutorial is one for you.
This is also an non-branded recording of my Netapp Insight Session : 12721-3 - Learn How To Make Advanced Workflows at Insight Las Vegas - Berlin 2017.

This is the agenda :

1) Schemes and Dictionaries
2) Datasources
3) Debug WFA Powershell
4) Remote Powershell Sessions
5) Scripted Datasources
6) SQL Datasources
7) Custom Command + Reservations
8) RBAC & AD
9) Functions
10) Advanced Logging
11) Backup & document WFA