Thursday, March 15, 2018

Error : Parameter Type 'ActionPreference' is not supported.

If you create a new command and you press the button "discover parameters", you might get the error "Parameter Type 'ActionPreference' is not supported".

Don't panic, there is an easy fix.

If you get this error :

That means you have installed powershell v5.

Here is the fix :
  1. Open File <WFA_INSTALL_DIR>\PoSH\Modules\WFAWrapper\WFAWrapper.psm1    ( <WFA_INSTALL_DIR> by default is C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA )
  2. Search for line    if ($param.aliases -match "vb|db|ea|wa|ev|wv|ov|ob|wi|cf") { continue }
  3. Change the above line to if ($param.aliases -match "vb|db|ea|wa|ev|wv|ov|ob|wi|cf|infa|iv|pv") { continue }

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