Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WFA Fixes for vmware 6.5

The Vmware 6.0/6.5 packs from the automation store are unfortunately not 100% failsafe, I discovered today.

These are the fixes I added to make it work with Vmware 6.5.
I have NOT tested it with 6.0, maybe the fix is only needed for 6.5.

I also talked to engineering, if they adapt my fixes, I'll update this post to not add any confusion.


The vcenter datasource works fine, until you hit a special character.
I fixed this datasource to allow UTF8 and posted it on my github (

Create VMFS Datastore command

The command fails when you want to move the new datastore to a folder (in vcenter).
I fixed this command  and posted it on my github (

PSSnapin error

The new PowerCLI from vmware has finally adapted to "Modules" instead of "Snapins".
If you hit any errors regarding snapins, then goto %PROGRAMS%/Netapp/WFA/Posh/Modules/WFAWrapper.

Open the wfawrapper.ps1 and replace Get-PSSnapIn with "Get-Module" and Add-PSSnapIn with "Import-Module".


  1. can the datasource be modified to collect data for only one datacenter?

    1. To reduce the scripttime ? Sure that should be possible.