Monday, November 19, 2018

Wfa workflows & Powershell script for SVM Dr

Svm Dr : before svm dr was embedded in ontap, we created our own scripts.  Then the embedded svm dr popped up and the scripts faded away.  But with fabricpool and MCC, svm dr is not supported.  In the background Olivier Masson continued the svm dr script of Jerome Blanchet.  And I had 2 customers having the need for it, so I jumped on the train...

First of all, all kudo's go to Olivier Masson.  I only contributed minor improvements.
New improvements are :

  • NonInteractive Mode
  • Intelligent Resource Selection
  • Log4Net logging
But Olivier made some awesome improvements as well such as backup / restore and cloning an svm.

When I finally managed to make the script non-interactive, we built a new module (cmdlets such as New-SvmDr, Update-SvmDr, Invoke-SvmDrActivate, ...)

And around the cmdlets, we finally built WFA workflows.

The NonInteractive & Wfa modes assume a symmetric setup (same vlan's & ip's)
But if that doesn't work, you can simply setup the relationship with the CLI (which is interactive) and then continue with WFA.  Both work together.

The 2 github links :
Both are well documented and are very much worth a try !


  1. Hey there,

    I have a quick question for you if you don't mind.

    So I'm trying to create a workflow that will populate the volume name off of exisiting varibles that the user defines, such as SVM, Cluster and CIFS name.

    For example "ffs_$cluster$svm$cifs"

    Have you done this, and if so how did you go about it?



    1. the best way is to create a constant and give it value ("ffs_" + $cluster + $svm + $cifs)
      this is an mvel expression. Then use that constant as your volumen name.
      Everywhere you can type, you can use mvel (which is a java expression language). you can calculate, concatenate, replace, use if-then-else, ...